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I’m able to help new artists and stuff, artists on the label that were where I was a few years ago; on your arse with no money, struggling to get signed and get gigs and so on to eventually making a living from something that you’ve been so passionate about for so many years. So just seeing that is very rewarding.
As label head at Hot Creations and one of the world’s best-known DJs, Jamie Jones could easily rest on his laurels and take advantage of his high standing in the DJ ranks. But, instead, he continues to graft away, a self-confessed workaholic who refused to take short cuts on the road to fame. Having been an avid fan of house music since his early teens, Jamie has maintained a consistently high work ethic for well over a decade and the results are clear to see. Returning to The Warehouse Project this autumn with a huge party based on his Paradise night at legendary Ibiza club DC10, we spoke to Jamie about his first experience of DC10, how Hot Creations was born and the sacrifices he’s made in the name of success...

When did you first go to DC10? What was it like back then?

Jamie Jones: About 2000. It was completely raw. Free for everyone to get in, an after-party for about 200 people. Inside it was just bare... I remember the first time I went, being sat on a cardboard box next to a bassbin for four hours nodding my head.

How did you end up getting involved with the people that run it and getting a gig there?

JJ: It was through Clive Henry, I became friends with Clive and then got introduced to them through him. They all knew my face because I’d been going there for years, every week, and I got to know them a bit more. Once I started making more music and DJing more they asked me to play there for a closing party, then two or three times the next year, four or five the next and then about two years after I became a proper resident.

Can you remember playing there for the first time?

JJ: Yeah, it was inside for their closing party. It was a bit of a nightmare because I’d just moved over to Serato back then and it sort of kept going wrong, but I pulled it off and it was cool.
How did you hook up with Lee Foss? I believe it was in Ibiza?

JJ: Yeah, we met in Ibiza about ten years ago in about 2001, we were both working in San Antonio. We got on really well and decided to live together the following year, so we spent a season living together in San An, and then lived together in Playa D’en Bossa the following year.

And how did the whole Hot Creations thing happen?

JJ: It started off as Hot Natured when we were in Miami. WMC in 2008. We were hanging out at the house we’d rented on the Monday [after WMC had finished] playing disco and stuff. We just had a break from house, and we said, “Next year we should do something where we can all just hang out together, with all our mates, just doing this.” So we did the first Hot Natured the year after, on the Sunday night and it went on from there. We decided to make some music together, he was in LA using the studio of some friends of ours [Droog owners of Culprit] and we just started making some tunes together, that’s how Hot Natured started really. Then we started the label [Hot Creations] about a year and a half after that.
You’ve got the Hot Natured album forthcoming as well…

JJ: Yeah that’s the biggest thing I’m working on right now. It’s all written, we’re taking it back into a big recording studio to mix it down, reworking some of the parts and re-recording some of the vocals to tweak everything and get it to the best level it could possibly be. We’ve done about 80% of the album now.

When will it be out?

JJ: It’s very time-restricted because I’m always busy, and so are the others. But we try to get a few days every week when we can get together. It usually takes one or two days for each track so we’re going to be finished, I would say, by mid-September and then probably have it out about three months after that, so I’d say the beginning of next year.
What does the future hold for you?

JJ: Well, I’ve always been a house music person so I’m always going to want to DJ. Obviously as I get older I probably won’t do as many gigs, I’ll spend more time producing in the studio. I’ll probably do more producing and writing for other people, just trying to be a little bit more settled in one area rather than darting off here and there every other day, it can take it’s toll on you a bit after a while.

It must get to you a bit after a while.

JJ: Yeah, it’s amazing because I’ve got to see a very large portion of the world and met some amazing people and experienced things I’ve never experienced before – but, after a while you miss being settled in and not having to constantly think about making your flights and getting enough sleep to be able to operate.
Speaking about being settled, do you get to go back to Wales much?

JJ: Not very often, unfortunately. I go back once, maybe twice a year and my family come down to London every once in a while too. I’ve been doing this quite a while now and you do kind of get them saying, “When are you going to slow down?” I try to make to the important things like weddings and my sister’s birthday, but I have missed out on a lot of stuff.
Do you think it’s worth the sacrifice most of the time?

JJ: Most of the time, yeah. I wouldn’t change anything I’ve done. I wouldn’t be where I am. I think the best thing is now, in this position, I can help lots of people. I can help my family. I’m able to help new artists and stuff, artists on the label that were where I was a few years ago; on your arse with no money, struggling to get signed and get gigs and so on to eventually making a living from something that you’ve been so passionate about for so many years. So just seeing that is very rewarding.

It’s fantastic sometimes when someone can have one track on a Hot Waves compilation and immediately shoot up the ranks...

JJ: Yeah, it’s great when I see that, a lot of people really deserve it and they’re really grateful to be in that position and to be able to do it.

How do you feel about being held, by some, as responsible for bringing back the house sound?

JJ: I tend not to think about it too much, people comment on it quite often but I just see it as us doing our thing. It’s very cool to see that it’s reignited a passion for it, but there’s more than just me responsible, there’s a lot of people around me that have been really influential in doing it.

Jamie headlines Hot Creations presents Paradise, alongside Carl Craig, Kerri Chandler, Maceo Plex and many more.

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