Krysko's top 10 sets from 10 years of WHP


Krysko's top 10 sets from 10 years of WHP (all views are my own, but pretty accurate I reckon).

10. Interstellar Fugitives Live Ft. Mike Banks – Store Street 2007

Blistering Detroit electronic funk from a great bunch of lads who pretty much invented it. With Mike Banks at the helm. They followed François K, and were then followed straight after by Jeff Mills, who hadn’t shared a bill with Underground Resistance for many years, and was introduced by UR themselves as “the greatest DJ on the planet and the reason why we are all here”. Very special night.

9. Andrew Weatherall – Room 2, WHP 2012

The Governor, bringing a masterful lesson in musical restraint and electronic tension through the first hour, then ending with his closing gambit, consisting of dark room arse-kicking of the highest order. An absolute gent and still one of the best DJ’s on the planet

8. Spanky Wilson & Jamie Lidell Live – Boddingtons 2006

Two legends from each end of the spectrum that played room 2 straight after each other. I played before Spanky came on – it was an honour to play before a living soul legend. To then see Jamie do his loopy, live, almost techno performance was pretty special.

7. Los Hermanos Live – Boddingtons 2006

This was purely down to the raw organic rhythmic sound they produce live – like some super future samba band with Suburban Knight playing MPC. With the live drumming and DJ set from DJ 3000, they were amazing to watch.

6. DJ Harvey - WHP 2012

This was his well-documented return to the UK after a decade long exile, being the 2nd of only 2 UK gigs. I enjoyed this mainly because it was on a Thursday night, so the vibe was very different. He was the last of the greats that I still hadn’t seen play live, and he played the full 6 hours start to finish with an exhibition of skill that pretty much covered all genres – with a trajectory you’d expect from someone like him. Baby sitters all over Manchester were charging double time this night.

5. Nicolas Jaar Live – WHP 2012

On a personal level, I have enjoyed experiencing many DJ sets in the main room, but the majority have been in Rooms 2 & 3 – especially room 2; one of the best DJ rooms I’ve ever played in. But Room 1 really comes into its own with live performances by truly great live performers, with this show from 2012 being one of them.

4. Dixon – Store Street 2010

I think we always struggled with the old Room 2 at Store Street. It was just one of those things – an awkward room acoustically and too far hidden out of the way – it never really took off, apart from on a select few nights – this Dixon 4 hour show being one of them. Proper master class in house.

3. Harri & Dom & Krysko & Greg Lord - Room 2 – Store Street 2014

Maybe a bit selfishly I’ve added this, but it was a honour to play with these guys all night long in the new and much improved room 2. Having spent the last 15 years holding a residency you gain an unprecedented understanding of what makes a club work, both with the crowd and musically, and playing in there week-in, week-out. But I'm still a full decade off the length of time Harri & Dom have been doing this up at one of the worlds best clubs, and nights, Subculture at Sub Club. They returned the favour and we reciprocated the night up at Sub Club, where we all played the full night with them and had one of the best gigs of our life.

2. Carl Craig presents 69 Live – WHP 2012

This was something I never thought I’d see, never mind in my own back garden. Everything you’d expect from this moniker of Carl’s, and with his vast array of masks as well.

1. Chic Ft. Nile Rodgers - Store Street 2011

Finally, my favourite. I know we’ve all had a huge amount of exposure to Nile Rodgers & Chic of late (and rightly so), but at this time they hadn’t played many places like the WHP and especially in this context and backdrop of new electronic music. Again, I had the honour of playing before they came on (finishing with Herbie Man – Hijack which inspired Nile & Bernard to start Chic – Nile kindly gave me a nod of acknowledgement for that). Then, in that Store Street main room, they performed one of the most memorable 90 minutes I’ve ever seen at WHP. To top it all off they encored with Johnny Marr, then (in homage to the Sonar > Jeff Mills performance a few years earlier, and as Jeff Mills didn’t turn up) Space Dimension Controller followed straight after. Literally, perfect. Disco. House. Techno. The holy trinity.




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