WHP21 - The Chemical Brothers Ed Simons in Conversation

WHP21 /// THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS /// 10.12.21

Ahead of their debut in the Depot, The Chemical Brothers spoke down with Dianne Bourne of MEN to discuss the duo’s rich history, from forming in Manchester University, what to expect from this Friday & how good it will be to return to The Warehouse Project.

Ed Simons, speaking to the Manchester Evening News exclusively ahead of the gig, says:

"It always means a lot to us to go and DJ in Manchester because it's where we started.

"Some of our best ever nights have been in Manchester.

He added:

"We've had quite a while off over lockdown, so it's just exciting to be back out and doing something. We were asked to do it at the end of the year, as a way of imagining people coming out of the darkness and blinking into the light almost.

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