"2018 is an important series for me, this is going to be the last year in Store Street which has become such an iconic venue. I have taken away a lot of very special moments that will always resonate with me over the years at this venue. Plus many great new friendships, no doubt emotions will be running high by New Year’s Day. There are more house and techno nights this season which means I’ve got a good run of nights to focus on. There has been so much exceptional music released this year and the release of the line ups last month gives an opportunity to start thinking about threading collections together. More so than ever we realise the importance of our dance floors, the freedoms and unity, it’s very precious time. Being resident of the Warehouse Project is a great honour, thanks for the support and see you on the dance floor, Greg x"

Alongside Krysko, Greg Lord has always been at the centre of WHP. His mixes jump through house and techno touching on rough percussive tracks, heart soaked synthlines, bumpy acid basslines and flashes of wild rhythm, all working in service of delivering timeless dance music to the floor. Shying away from the limelight, Greg Lord continues to do a residents job perfectly - let the music do the talking.