"To play as a resident for the final season of The Warehouse Project at Store Street is so exciting for me, it’s a massive honour and something I can’t wait to experience. The energy in that place is always so high and something to really feed off. The Warehouse Project line-ups are always on point and it’s the most prestigious, long standing series of events in the UK."

Who better to be resident at Warehouse Project than a DJ/ producer whose sound was born from distilling the essence of the classic Northern warehouse parties? Raised in South Yorkshire, Mella's music takes its cues from the bleeping techno, driving breakbeats and Detroit infused electronica that the area became famous for in the 90s. Updating the already future facing aesthetics of classic rave has seen Mella's recent Warehouse Music releases become underground hits - packed with boisterous drums and rough sample loops, they've got all the rawness and power that you can expect from one of Mella's DJ sets