High Hoops formed in 2015 and has been a staple in the Manchester music scene ever since. They have hosted acts such as Omar-S, Honey Dijon and Lena Willikens

They will be joining the likes of Hunee, Antal and Moodymann on 13th October as part of the Rush Hour Day & Night event.

Details: bit.ly/rushhourwhp

Here Robbie and Marcos have selected 10 of their current top tracks ––

1. Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Love On 26 - picked by Robbie

A long lost mid-90s track from a favourite of mine, Miss Kitten & The Hacker. Rediscovered and released recently on Josh Cheon’s Dark Entries label. Signature pumping electro with sultry, emotional vocal - would be hard not to distinguish it as one of their tracks. 

2. Chateau Flight - Crazy (Dam House Remix) - picked by Robbie

A new release from Gilb’r and I:Cube collab Chateau Flight which I am really enjoying at the minute. Just released on Versatile, 5 years after their last release together. Emotional house grower with plenty of strange and flustered feels thrown in there.

3. Simple Symmetry - Too Much Fun In The Temple Of Doom - picked by Robbie

Disco Halal once again bringing the psychedelic, hypnotic vibes with this release by Simple Symmetry from earlier on this year. Weird, trippy percussion throughout takes me to another planet.

4. Róisín Murphy - Innocence - picked by Robbie

Can’t stop listening to this Roisin Murphy and Maurice Fulton collaboration. I love anything with Roisin’s vocals on and Maurice is one of those producers who always packs a punch into anything he makes. Really great heavy electronic backdrop to it - big dance floor number.

5. Tirzah - Holding On - picked by Robbie

I have had Tirzah’s album on repeat since it was released last month. Been a fan of hers since hearing her collab track with Mica Levi, Make It Up, a few years back and I have to say this album was worth waiting for. DIY R’n’B electronica is right up my street.

6. Barbatuques - Baiana (Cosme Martin & Christian Vila Official Remix) - picked by Marcos

I don’t own many tech house tracks, but I’m not going to lie, I love this! There's just something about the didgeridoo & flute with that tribal vocal that makes me want to dance. I could listen to this track for hours.

7. Ken Dang - Born In Borneo (Jura Soundsystem Edit) - picked by Marcos

This record was originally released in Norway back in 1983 and is now being re-released by Jura Soundsystem. I stumbled across this when searching for records on bandcamp and instantly fell in love. The vocal and the trippy sounds make me feel like I’m in some sort of weird trance. I haven’t had chance to play this out yet - but I always love starting a set with a record like this.

8. LSDXOXO - Death Rattle - picked by Marcos

LSDXOXO is an up and coming DJ & Producer from New York. I first listened to his track “Burn The Witch” which samples Missy Elliot and is complete fire earlier on in the year. It was a struggle to decide which track of his I would pick, but I’ve been playing this out a lot recently and I love the energy and percussion in this track. It’s definitely one of those tracks that gets people moving...

9. Alton Miller featuring Maurissa Rose - Bring Me Down - picked by Marcos

Alton Miller is from Detroit and has been releasing house music for decades, but it was this release on Theo Parrish's Sound Signature label that really got me hooked. In my eyes, it doesn’t get much better than a well produced house record. And this ticks all the boxes for me. I’ve played this out a lot during 2018 and it never fails to do something special to the dance floor. If I’ve had a shit day I often get home and stick this record on. It soon sorts me out. This is one of those records that really makes you realise the power of music.

10. Ata Kak - Obaa Sima - picked by Marcos

This record was remastered and released by Awesome Tapes From Africa in 2015. Atta-Owusu was born back in 1960 in Ghana and released this track in 1994. At the time, Atta said he sold only 3 copies! This is a record that I always have ready to play. It’s super fast and super weird. It reminds that records don’t have to be perfect. Sometimes we can all take listening / playing records too serious. This record reminds me that sometimes it’s more

Buy tickets to see High Hoops on Rush Hour Day & Night: http://bit.ly/rushhourwhp



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