WHP's partnership with welfare charity W.E.L.Safe.
The Warehouse Project is proud to continue our partnership with one of the UK’s most important welfare charities, W.E.L.Safe.

W.E.L.Safe provide confidential, non judgemental and trained advice on alcohol, drugs, mental health and sexual health. They are at all WHP events and support anyone who needs a safe space to talk or recuperate in private, away from the full event.

WHP does not condone drug taking, but we are all aware drugs are out there. If you have taken something and feel unwell, W.E.L.Safe can help. Looking out for any warnings on social media via W.E.L.Safe and WHP.

Staying Safe At Our Events

Your safety is our priority. We have first aiders on hand throughout the venue.
If you feel unwell please seek out a member of staff immediately.
Take regular breaks and drink water - this is free and readily available throughout the site.
If someone around you seems fatigued or confused, find them somewhere safe to sit and seek onsite medical personnel.


Everyone is permitted to bring empty plastic bottles for water into WHP. These can be filled at free drinking water points, located at all toilet blocks. Free cups for water are also available from behind all the bars.


We have a medical team based in the outdoor area, outside the main Depot room (see map on next slide). If you have any concerns at all, please visit them.

Members from the welfare team & W.E.L.Safe are also regularly walking through the venue to offer assistance - they’re there to help you rave safe.


Clubs & festivals have been closed for a long time in the UK. Some of that pent-up anticipation has translated into a small number of injuries and very unfortunate deaths around the country. This includes one recent tragic incident at one of our own events.

The Warehouse Project wants to do everything it can to prevent further tragedies by continuing to champion the conversation on drug education, testing and awareness.

Anyone with further questions around W.E.L.Safe, please visit: welsafe.co.uk.

Our full essential information and safety information can also be found on our website at: thewarehouseproject.com/info

The WHP Team x