Saturday 26th October
Four Tet • Skrillex • Peggy Gou • Jon Hopkins [dj]
Four Tet b2b Skrillex • Daphni • Mall Grab 
Hessle Audio: Ben UFO, Pearson Sound & Pangaea 
Avalon Emerson • Courtesy • Skee Mask • Lone
DJ Q • Flava D • DJ Champion • Barely Legal
Saoirse • upsammy • SHERELLE • Swing Ting
Martha • D. Tiffany • Krysko
Eat Your Own Ears DJs
14:00 – 02:00 | DEPOT (MAYFIELD)
Sold Out
Ask the average clubber for a list of names that have pushed the boundaries of UK electronic music over the two decades and you can expect more than a few references to this evening’s line-up. Expand the question to include international acts at the forefront of freshness right now and the situation would be exactly the same.

Why expect anything less when Four Tet is in charge of proceedings? A DJ and producer who has topped charts, sold out the most revered underground clubs and created immersive light shows to accompany stunning sonic showcases, he defines innovator. Hence pulling together a bill with everyone from US dubstep big gun Skrillex to Korean house and acid dame du jour Peggy Gou, British bass boundary pushers Hessle Audio to rising stars of forward techno and rave upsammy, Courtesy and Skee Mask. A dream-like guest list of those who have redefined what we expect from things that go boom in the night, the addition of garage legends DJ Q and Flava D, and Manchester’s twisted dancehall crew Swing Ting should seal it for anyone after tomorrow’s soundtrack today.