Thursday 5th December
Underworld - Live at the Depot.
Plus Special Guests To Be Announced
19:00 – 23:00 | DEPOT (MAYFIELD)
£32.50 + BF
Sold Out
We’re not worthy, you’re not worthy, nobody is worthy. Ask anyone for their thoughts on live acts that have steered the rave scene in new directions and Underworld will be first on their lips.

Early explorations into progressive techno gave us seminal albums like ‘Dubnobasswithmyheadman’, following that with ‘Second Toughest In The Infants’, cementing their place in the dance music hall of fame via anthems such as ‘Born Slippy’.
More recently, the pioneering ‘Drift’ saw them set to delivering a new track each week for 52 weeks. After more than 30-years in the game Rick Smith’s often frantic and uncompromising instrumentations combined with Karl Hyde’s inescapable, commanding and captivating vocals are not just among the most important projects in dance music. They stand among the most important projects in music.