What time is last entry
Please check the calendar page here for last entry details of all shows.

What form of ID is accepted?
Forms of ID accepted at WHP are Passport & Drivers License

Will I be searched on the way in?
Everyone is searched on the way in as a condition of entry. This is for us to ensure that no one is carrying anything dangerous into the venue.

What am I not allowed to bring into the venue?
Illegal Substances
Liquids of any sorts – including perfumes/ liquid makeup products/ aerosols/ drinks
Glass of any sorts – perfume bottles, glass bottles
No food
No flares or fireworks
No rucksacks or large bags
Weapons of any descriptions or replicas

How long does it take to get into The Warehouse Project?
In order to keep our customer’s safe we ensure that everyone is searched on the way in. Although this may slow things down a little the aim is to make WHP a safer environment for everyone to enjoy. Everyone’s patience is very much appreciated.