What form of ID is accepted?
Forms of ID accepted at WHP are Passport, Drivers Licence &. Citizen Card (must have PASS hologram)

Will I be searched on the way in?
Everyone is searched on the way in as a condition of entry. This is for us to ensure that no one is carrying anything dangerous into the venue.

Entry Policy
• The Warehouse Project promotes sensible drinking.
• Valid Passports & Drivers Licence will be accepted on entry.
• A ticket does not guarantee entry if you do not ahere to the entrance policy.
• Management reserves the right to refuse entry.
• Once in the venue, you are not able to leave and re-enter.
• A search policy is in operation on entry.
• Drug surrender bins are available at the entrance.
• Drug detection dogs are present at all events.
• ID will be checked on entry. Challenge 25 is in operation in the venue.
• No large bags/rucksacks allowed into the venue, max size is a size A4 envelope.
• WHP does not tolerate drug taking – anyone found with drugs will be ejected.
• No liquids, glasses or aerosols, including perfumes, make up or sprays.
• 10ml max for vaping liquid.
• No food or drinks of any sort.
• No football shirts/football clothing or face coverings/masks/balaclavas.
• No weapons, flares or pyrotechnic devices.
• No umbrellas.
• No high-visability vests.
• No chewing gum allowed in this venue.
• Please leave quietly following the stewards directions.

If you arrive with any of the above items you will usually be able to dispose of it/them at the entrance.
No items left at the gate will be able to be collected once the customer has left the entrance.
Items surrendered at the entrance can be disposed of immediately.

Can I bring a large bag & is there a cloackroom?
Please note large bags will not be permitted into the venue, bags over A4 sized piece of paper will be refused entry. We have a cloakroom where you can pay £3 (by card) to store coats and bags smaller than an A4 piece of paper. Please avoid bringing bags where possible to speed up entry.

How long does it take to get into The Warehouse Project?
In order to keep our customer’s safe we ensure that everyone is searched on the way in. Although this may slow things down a little the aim is to make WHP a safer environment for everyone to enjoy. Everyone’s patience is very much appreciated. We advise getting down to the venue as early as possible to avoid queues.